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As a serious investor, you’ll need a title insurance company that will always have your best interest at heart.  Most investors are looking for sweet deals in the foreclosure market, and selecting a company familiar with the intricate details will be invaluable to your success.  One of the most common mistakes investors make is accepting the seller’s title insurance policy.  Investors sometimes do this to save pennies in comparison to what it could cost them in the end. 

SJSA has earned the confidence of the investor community because we take time to understand your business model.  We strive to be an important part of your inner circle and believe our reputation along with deep knowledge of the real estate business precedes us.  By far, we are the most investor-friendly title company in New Jersey.  Our clients love us because we have the “know-how” to navigate the foreclosure world, and we ensure on-time closings with finesse, like no other! 


Hands down the best title agency in New Jersey!  For the last 10 years, SJSA has been my go-to team.  I hand over my contracts and show up for closing. They handle it all.  Very reliable and extremely flexible.  Simply the best!!!

Terry Hallauer
Investor/Real Estate Agent

“From the first time I walked through the door, I always felt special. Thank you for all that you do but, most of all, thank you for making me feel like I am the only customer you have!”

Charles Rilley
Owner of Falk Property Buyers, LLC

“Christine and her staff always go above and beyond the call of duty. When I have a deal (no matter how simple or complex), I know I’m in good hands and I don’t have to worry. Rest assured, they always have my back, and I know SJSA will never put my investment at risk.

Arthur R. Coslop
Private Investor

Absolutely phenomenal to work with! Always our first choice in title insurance!!

Krystal Ruiz-Mesa
CK Mesa Mainline Realty

I've been with SJSA since 2015 and never looked for another title company since then. The staff is very knowledgeable and gets things done as fast as they possibly can. I can't thank the owner enough! Since our very first conversation and up until now, she held my hand every step of the way!

Jay Tartar

Working with the team at South Jersey Settlement Agency is always a smooth and pleasant experience.  Transactions get to the table on time and with a smile.  I can’t recommend them enough!!!!!!

Gregory P. Horneff, Mortgage Loan Officer
Freedom Mortgage

How We Can Help

SJSA has the resources and information to help you become an expert in buying and selling foreclosures.  Our investor relationships are second to none!

Your real estate agent, or the entity selling the property, will almost always try to convince you to use their title insurance company. This is where we say “buyer beware”!  In New Jersey, it is the buyers choice to select their own title insurance company and it is against the law for anyone involved in the deal to coerce you into using a company you have not chosen (especially if they are benefiting financially).  If you are buying foreclosures, they can be very complex, and you’ll want to work with a company that has the experience and "know how" to ensure every step is complete before you take possession of the property. 

Should you decide to go with the selling entity’s company in order to save a few dollars, this could be quite costly for you in the end.  If you go this route, always confirm the title company obtained a chancery search because this is a report that determines the foreclosure was handled properly and is the only thing that concludes no other liens will attach to the property.


Purchasing foreclosures from the dotcom sites can be risky, and you’ll want to be sure that all title deficiencies get addressed and are handled properly.  Selecting your own title insurance company in lieu of saving a few dollars by accepting the title policy offered by the seller could end up being invaluable to your investment.


We specialize in double closings and assignments!  We’ll help you understand the importance of full disclosure, and transfer our knowledge as it relates to possible deed restrictions. 

Gather intelligence around the typical rents for the area.  Investors often make the mistake of thinking they can rent a property for any amount they like, but the hard truth is that you can only rent a property for the typical rents for the area; give or take a few dollars.

Planning and budgeting are the keys to success!  Be aware of all the possible holding costs such as vacancy insurance, real estate commissions for the end sale, property taxes, and loan payments if financing your project.


Call today to learn how SJSA can open doors for you in “getting started” with a transactional funder. 

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